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Non Fiction Writing

Scribbling facts in place of fiction

Non Fiction Writers
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This is for the purpose of getting non-fiction writers together. Whether you are writing books, articles or just weblogging (etc.), this is a place to get help, advice, camaraderie and fun from fellow non-fiction writers. Please do not post copies of work that you want critting verbatim - use a cut or link to your own journal or site. This is not a critical community, it is intended mostly for support. Do not join just to get crit - there are many other communities that will do that for you. I'm hoping that lots of practical material will be posted - stylistic tips, links to useful material for the non-fiction writer, advice, etc.

And no teenage poetry! Anyone who posts anything along the lines of "I touched you hair / It was so fair / My heart moved and beat / To the sway of my feet" or any other such nonsense is not welcome. Neither are lyric posts, memes, Quizilla crap or anything else. Talk about non-fiction writing, the struggles of getting your work published, how you are hating your subject matter more and more, how research is driving you down, how you hate Microsoft Word's (lack of decent) bibliographic or indexical features. Ponder the ultimate word processor. Anything that is relevant to the working of other non-fiction writers.

With the tedious rules over, I hope you will choose to join the community and have fun. I'm Tom, and although I don't really use livejournal for running a journal (I run a blog instead), I do spend quite a while on the communities on LJ. Just shout, I won't bite!